Letter: Accept moral relativism

By The Daily Illini

In exit poling yesterday, almost 20 percent of voters said that “moral issues” were their chief concern. The issues referred to in this statement of course included opposition to gay marriage, to stem-cell research and to a woman’s right to choose. I believe “moral issues” are a chief concern of mine as well. I believe that the wealthiest U.S. citizens should not be given tax breaks when our schools and social-welfare programs are in desperate need of funding, that we should protect clean air and water, that people should not have to choose between their meals and their prescriptions and that women should have the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies.

This time around it appears President Bush has won both the popular and electoral votes. Please, Mr. President, do not divide the United States by claiming this victory as a moral mandate from the red states. Govern this country by accepting the existence of moral relativism and listen to the moral concerns of all U.S. citizens.

Avi Buchbinder

junior in LAS