Letter: Column misleading

By The Daily Illini

Elie Dvorin – Your column (“Times are changing,” Nov. 4) was absurd and incorrect. What exactly is your news source? Do you own a dictionary? To say that Bush had an “overwhelming” victory is utterly misleading and sheds a lot of light on how the media in this country, starting at college newspapers, misleads the public. Reading your column, I could imagine that Bush received, say, 65 percent or more of the popular vote. In fact, nobody knew whether he could win, and 51 percent is hardly a number to be proud of. I sure hope nobody believes you. Do you, then, condone the kind of journalism that has 60 percent of Bush supporters thinking that Iraq actually had WMDs? I will not bother to respond to every point in your article, though one more is worth it. In one sentence you say that U.S. voters want traditional values (shall I point out that abortion, practiced for thousands of years now, in fact predates its own illegality and the abstinence movement?), but just a few lines later, you acknowledge that we need a leader who can understand the changing world. If you think we should dig our heels into the mud rather than changing with it, then maybe you should be happy about the outcome of the election. But clarify your opinions, please. Well, regime change starts at home – and so, sadly, do shoddy journalism and a misinforming media.

Emily Evans

graduate student