Letter: Editors to blame

By The Daily Illini

I wonder why Matt Vroom is taking all of the responsibility for the Nov. 5 “I Hate Pam” comic. Yes, it is his comic – he made it. But there are also editors. The editor clearly saw what was being put into the newspaper and did nothing to stop this. Where is his or her name being placed for blame? I do not find it fair that we are only blaming Matt Vroom when the editor should also be disciplined for his or her negligence.

I do not condone Matt Vroom’s comic, but I also do not feel he should be chastised so harshly. People are saying that he pokes fun at everyone, and he does just that – people are forgetting that he poked fun at the Christian religion. And quite frankly, without Matt Vroom’s comic, it considerably limits the number of comics I want to read.

Kathleen Keogh

sophomore in FAA