Letter: Go to your room

By The Daily Illini

What an excellent way to foster free speech and eschew censorship – ban a popular comic that made a misstep! Look out world, our government isn’t the only U.S. institution that can slap down the absurd sanction!

We readers of The Daily Illini would never have been satisfied with a simple apology by either your editorial board or the comic’s creator – we demanded that you remove him from his post at the newspaper and you immediately complied. In a world of strained ethnic relations and a campus population sometimes determined to latch for the nearest jugular in a fit of overzealous socio-/ethno-/geo-/neo-/con-political rage, you took the most appropriate response possible. You doled out the harshest punishment a preschool teacher holds in their dreadful arsenal – the dreaded time-out. Four weeks in the corner, Matt Vroom, don’t you forget it anytime soon. One more questionable strip, and we’re gonna paddle your misbehaving behind, young man. No explanations or apologies from you, either – there is no room for maturity at this table.

What? Are you back-talking me, son? Go to your room immediately!

On a related note, when are you going to fulfill my naughtiest desire and start running Family Circus?

Adam Thomas

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