Letter: Prochaska is confused

By The Daily Illini

Because Chuck Prochaska is confused about why liberals continue to suggest, even after last week’s election, that opponents of gay marriage are bigots, I thought I might enlighten him. The reason is really quite simple: They are bigots.

It is ridiculous to suggest that these people aren’t bigots simply because they hold a majority viewpoint. In the 1960s, interracial marriage was regarded as scandalous and unnatural by a majority of people, but it is clear that these people who prevented legal and social recognition of loving and stable relationships were bigots.

It is similarly appalling today that a majority of U.S. citizens aren’t willing to stand up and recognize all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, who want to declare their love for and commitment to each other by entering into marriage. Marriage is about the formation of long-lasting, committed partnerships. To suggest that long-lasting, committed partnerships cannot be formed between two people of the same gender is ludicrous.

Do I hold a minority view that committed, same-sex relationships are worthy of legal and social recognition? Yes, but don’t expect liberals to roll over and die just because bigots still wield political power. It is difficult work, but we will continue our fight against bigotry in all its forms until we have eradicated the last vestiges of its vile influence from our culture.

Dan Parente

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