Letter: Explain it to me

By The Daily Illini

On Thursday, Chuck Prochaska explained why the Democrats just don’t get it. Well I’m not really a Democrat, but I’m not sure I get it. Could you explain it to me?

If Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction or programs to get them and had no links to al-Qaida, then how were we justified in invading them? Sure, Hussein was an evil dictator, but there are others. So why Iraq? And why did our reasons change once we got there? Why do you believe that invading a non-threatening country in the Middle East will discourage people in the region from attacking us? Why does invading a non-threatening country make our homeland safer? More importantly, as someone who wants to see more Christianity in our government, how do you relegate the New Testament’s message of loving your enemy and turning the other cheek with an unprovoked war? Wouldn’t a good Christian president avoid war at all costs? And support social programs?

I’m also a bit confused about the gay marriage problem. Most arguments that I’ve seen supporting a gay discrimination amendment center around its perceived impact on traditional marriages. Why is it, then, that these same “moral” voters aren’t taking a stand on the divorce rate, which has a decidedly direct impact on traditional marriages?

If you are “the ultimate winner,” and if the issue really is that Democrats “don’t get it,” then explain why. If you would, do us the honor of backing up your position, rather than writing another string of insults and talking points.

I eagerly await your clarification!

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Joe Gezo

graduate student