Letter: ‘Reasonable’ Dunkel

By The Daily Illini

Alex Dunkel’s Nov. 12 editorial amazed me. I never suspected that a few hundred words could end a debate that has divided ethicists, policymakers and activists for decades.

He seems to make a good case for abortion out of his concern that a large U.S. population menaces the globe’s resources and the nation’s infrastructure. I look forward to his next column, in which he will no doubt finish the job, using the same rationale to explain why we should impose the death penalty for all crimes, deprive more people of affordable health care, stop supporting the elderly, allow the poor to starve, remove all gun-control laws, send vulnerable troops around the globe, encourage violent riots and maybe, if he’s truly committed, openly invite acts of terrorism. To cease living is the greatest service we can do the world; we simply need reasonable people like Dunkel to lead by example.

R.J. VanSwol

graduate student