Letter: Responses to Chuck Prochaska’s “Democrats don’t get it”

In the DI column titled “Democrats don’t get it,” political extremist Chuck Prochaska writes of the Democrats, “They pretended to believe in God and they pretended to love this country, but in the end, their charade couldn’t hold up.” This attack serves as a further example that religion in America, particularly Christianity, is being twisted and hijacked by the neo-conservative agenda that Prochaska endorses. It goes to show that so-called “Christians” such as Prochaska are more interested in supporting an overtly violent foreign policy than the compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ. Just as Osama Bin Laden has hijacked and twisted the true message of Islam, Prochaska and the neo-cons are hijacking and twisting the true meaning of Christianity. The last time I read the Bible, there was a message of peace, compassion, respect for life (not JUST unborn life) and “turning swords into plowshares.” The neo-cons won’t ever touch on that, however, because they exploit Christianity as a device to harvest political support for the empire they intend to build both at home and abroad. While I also disagree a great deal with much that the Democratic Party has to offer, I find it infinitely preferable to a party that offers me violence, calls it “freedom” and tells me it is the way of God.

Justin Cheng

Junior in business

Finally, there is an opinion in the Daily Illini that should be heard! After all of the times I have thrown down the paper in disgust for its liberal bias, Chuck Prochaska’s column “Democrats Don’t Get It” finally gave me the satisfaction I have been looking for. I am sure that there were multiple negative responses to Mr. Prochaska’s column, which is only to be expected from angry, depressed liberals when their most obvious faults have been so accurately pointed out.

I would just like to say that no matter what lefties would like the public to believe, there are some very clear reasons as to why the Republican Party dominated in this election. What it all comes down to is that there were two main choices on the ticket: conservatism or hate. Ok, I know you are all saying “Hate? Liberals are not haters; that’s the job of the bigot Republicans!” You would be wrong.

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George W. Bush won the election because he placed conservatism on the ballot. Voters might not have been happy with him, but they knew exactly where he stood on every position. John Kerry and the Democrats spoke of a “plan” of some sort, but otherwise based their campaign on hate for everything that leaned to the right. Now that the election is over, liberals are really showing their true colors. As they look condescendingly upon the red states and even mention some craziness along the lines of the blue states seceding, one can only breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Republicans are in charge.

Prochaska’s column is exactly what the DI needs, some accurate information that doesn’t make the right half of the student body cringe when they read it. Chuck, keep up the good work! Finally, someone who is writing for the Daily Illini “gets it!”

Lauren Chibe

Sophomore in LAS

I’m responding to Prochaska’s article “Democrats don’t get it,” unfortunately printed on 11/11/04. This article is devoid of substance and serves as another instance of The DI perpetuating stereotypes. While the fervor of the letters right now circles like vultures around a comic, Prochaska has described all those who voted for Kerry as “chain smoking” who pretend to “believe in God” and pretend to “love this country.” How dare you question anyone’s faith and love of this country, especially over 50 million voters. Shame on you. Are you so ignorant that you would generalize that many people into such a shallow demographic? You are giving a black eye to educated Republicans.

The article later brings up a suggestion by a Kerry supporter to honor diversity and have compassion for people with different lifestyles. Prochaska’s response is to “keep the freak show on Fifth Avenue…We’ll come and snap pictures.” I read this and my jaw dropped. This brought back memories of the famous John Rocker interview in 1999 with Sports Illustrated, where he berated the city of New York and the diversity that lied within.

Prochaska also suggests that by electing Bush the country is “guaranteed security from terrorism.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the 9/11 attacks happen under the watch of the Bush administration? Suggesting that political parties other than the Republican Party wouldn’t try to secure us against terrorism is absurd.

The silver lining of the article is that the author goes to such a diverse and culturally rich school that he may gain respect for other people’s ideas and lose some of his offensive stereotypes by the time he graduates. Instead of thanking all those who voted for President Bush, Prochaska should be thankful of the idea of free speech and a school newspaper, both of which allow for even the most uneducated to be heard.

Benjamin L. Ervin

Doctoral candidate

I wonder how much Chuck Prochaska actually examined the facts before he attacked those who voted Democratic in his Thursday column. Who in their right mind actually believes we have a safe homeland and guaranteed security from terrorism? Given that bin Laden still has not been caught and has guaranteed to attack us at home again, this is obviously not the case. Also, what about the fact that the last four years have seen the biggest loss of jobs since the Depression? That must be Prochaska’s view of a booming economy.

His column was a classic example of attacking Democrats simply for voting Democratic – maybe he should cite some evidence instead of lumping all Democrats into the “chain-smoking, vegetarian, freak-show” mold. This image-driven rhetoric is exactly what got President Bush elected in the first place. He was able to portray Kerry as an elitist who was out of touch with America when Bush himself is every bit as rich and spoiled. (Go ahead – check out Bush’s business and military record. You might learn something.) I can tell you Bush’s idea of sound economic policy – lower taxes and spend more. We’re spending money we don’t have. I hope it’s obvious to every reader that this just doesn’t work, but somehow Bush has managed to convince more than half of the country that we are more fiscally sound than we were four years ago.

This election proved that mudslinging and empty promises can sure as hell get you elected, even if your record sucks. As a Midwesterner raised Republican, no one can call me a blind Democrat. I feel I have examined the facts and I wish Chuck would’ve done the same.

Jake Abry

Junior in LAS