Letter: Neither party gets it

By The Daily Illini

With all due respect to Chuck Prochaska and other Republican foot soldiers, neither party gets it.

Republicans are right that the Democrats have no consistent vision for solving the world’s problems. But the Republicans’ policies, however consistent, won’t solve the world’s problems either.

What are Republicans going to do when deficit spending causes the dollar to collapse? Or when global oil production peaks, sending every oil-based industry (e.g., transportation, food, technology) permanently into the red? Or when health care costs rise so much that no one can afford health insurance? Or when the world’s aquifers are depleted and wars start over water?

If you believe that these aren’t problems, or that Republicans have solutions for these problems, you’re not paying attention. And if you think bombing people is a part of the solution, I really can’t help you.

It is not the Democrats, or the Republicans, who have failed us. It is our system, which has failed to prevent both parties from selling us out to multinational corporations. Make no mistake – this protects no one but those moneyed interests, who answer to no one. When economic hard times come, who do you think will be asked to sacrifice?

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Joe Futrelle

University employee