Letter: Green’s true colors

By The Daily Illini

Mr. Green, in his letter published Wednesday, characterizes readers who submitted letters regarding a recent Daily Illini cartoon as “Jewish writers.” I am curious exactly how Mr. Green obtained information from these letter-writers about which religion they practiced, if any at all? Was he just ignorantly stereotyping people by their last names? And what difference would it have made if all the letter-writers were Jewish? Do they not have they right to opine on an anti-Semitic cartoon because they are Jews? Does their religion lessen the nature of their opinions? Mr. Green’s mention of the writers’ religion is solely an attempt to personally malign and undermine those writers’ credibility. For what other purpose would the writers’ religion have been relevant? Mr. Green’s letter only helps to show his true colors. Maybe he should be more introspective before he calls others hatemongers.

Joshua Stern

University alumnus