Letter: More of the same

By The Daily Illini

I open up the DI after six weeks of my own personal boycott and I came to realize, again, why I stopped reading the DI in the first place. Is David Green on staff? He seems to be because the few times this year that I’ve opened the DI and read the opinion page, David Green has always (I’m not joking here) been published. I think the editors should have a moratorium on David Green letters. I’ll explain why.

Nothing new is being said. That’s right, you guys have got me yelling. You can compare a copy of today’s DI to one from three years ago and nothing has changed. How sad is that? You can look at this phenomenon two ways: what a sad state our beloved paper is in, or what a sad state David Green is in. I know the opinion page of a paper is supposed to be a forum where your average Joe can voice his opinion, but come on guys, it doesn’t have to be a personal platform for people (this goes for others besides David Green).

So here’s my challenge to the DI: I bet you five dollars (I’m a poor grad student, that’s all I can afford) that you can’t go an entire semester without printing a letter from David Green. Even if he solves cold fusion, stops world hunger, cures cancer …

Adam Chervin

graduate student

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