Letter: Pinko Jesus not Biblical

By The Daily Illini

Zachary Schuster paints a picture of Jesus as a communist rather than a capitalist (in “Jesus Christ, pinko star,” Thursday). As evidence, he cites several verses from the New Testament Gospels. His citations are correct, but his conclusions are not. First and foremost, it should be noted that communism is atheistic in philosophy and, in practice, it is oppressive.

Jesus was not a 60s peacenik hippy. Jesus overturned tables in the temple and chased out the moneychangers with a whip. What He said of Capernaum does not seem to indicate that he meant anything “peaceful” (Matt. 11:23-24). Jesus’ definition of peace was not simply the absence of war (as many people think), but it involved something more eternal and powerful. Jesus did indeed say it was his way or the highway. Readers should look up John 14:6 in context to fully understand.

People who consider themselves intellectual in agreeing with Schuster would do well to read the Gospels in context, where they might find that Jesus said two things in regard to government: We should pay taxes to Caesar and that God gives authority to the government, so we should be subservient to it. Jesus never gave the job of caring for the poor to the government (Caesar), but told His followers how we should live in the government given to us. What offends Christians is when the law of the government hinders us from following the Law of God.

I simply say to readers of the DI that reading the original sources (Gospels) in context to get all the information as opposed to reading quote-mining material would be much more beneficial and informative for them.

Christopher Heren

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