Coulmn: Blood on their (tiny) hands

Tim Eggerding

Tim Eggerding

By Elie Dvorin

Thirty-two years ago this week, an agenda-driven, activist Supreme Court waged an assault on children that has cost millions of innocents their lives. Nonetheless, as a nation, we’re at a point in history where the end of Roe v. Wade could be just around the corner and the legalized butchery of babies disguised as a “woman’s right to choose” will be exposed as the calloused and cold-hearted act that it is. With the help of all decent people who embrace the gift of life and a few key political appointments, the history books will treat Roe like they currently treat Dred Scott v. John F. Sandford – as a bloody stain on the moral fabric of our society, rooted in ignorance and denial.

Within the next four years, President Bush might have the opportunity to appoint three or four new justices to the Supreme Court. With a little backbone and some intestinal fortitude, he can leave the legacy of his presidency sitting on the bench. Two more conservative justices on the Court would all but ensure the end of the “abortion on demand” culture of Roe. Naturally, the Democrats – who have lost any semblance of a national identity as a party and desperately need to cling onto the abortion issue – will fight any of Bush’s appointments to the highest court, but with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, their efforts may be futile.

Further enhancing the chances of overturning Roe is the fact that Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe herself, is steadfastly behind the pro-life movement. She has been lobbying the Court to overturn the decision in which she played an instrumental role. McCorvey runs a ministry called “Roe No More” and dedicates her life to spreading the pro-life message. Understanding that the decision was based on politics and lies, she regrets the countless number of children whose lives have been ended as a result of those lies. One of the most important and convincing facts of the case was that McCorvey was raped. This helped her elicit sympathy and gain standing in Court. The only problem was that this wasn’t true, as she later admitted in 1980.

Even more shocking about her case was the way she was treated by the piranhas in the pro-abortion movement. She recounts the way she was used by the movement as a political pawn.

“I was a nobody to them. They only needed a pregnant woman to use for their case, and that is it.” Despite the fact that her attorney, Sarah Weddington, had an abortion prior to the case, she wouldn’t tell McCorvey where or how she could get one. According to McCorvey, this is because “she needed me to be pregnant for her case.” Most people would consider using someone in this way to be wrong, but for people who advocate the slaughter of children and think of it as the removal of temporary inconveniences, I don’t expect much sleep to be lost.

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The greatest success the pro-abortion lobby achieved was framing the debate in terms of “choice” and “autonomy.” Slogans such as “women need control over their own bodies” and “abortion is every woman’s right” are commonly used and appeal to most Americans’ desire for privacy and liberty. Very conveniently ignored in these slogans are the emotional and physical complications women face during and after abortions. Also purposely ignored, for obvious reasons, are the images of the kicking, struggling children fighting for their lives while the saline salt solution used in abortions burns their bodies alive.

“I remember laughing when we made these slogans up,” said Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL). “We were looking for some sexy, catchy slogans to capture public opinion.” But public opinion is changing.

It’s about time we take steps to end this brutal practice. The abortion industry is based on lies, deceit, manipulation and “comical” slogans. Jane Roe has pulled the wool away from her eyes and now sees abortion for what is truly is – the legalized and senseless murder of millions of children. With each day that passes, more children will fall victim to an extremely premature death. A society that doesn’t protect its children is no society at all.

Elie Dvorin is a junior in LAS. His column appears Mondays. He can be reached at [email protected]