Extreme ideology

By The Daily Illini

Once again Chuck Prochaska risks seriously damaging The Daily Illini’s credibility. In his editorial defending the war on Iraq, even though its primary purpose of finding weapons of mass destruction was a farce, he makes several completely unwarranted claims. Among the most outrageous is that Saddam hid or exported the weapons and that Iraq was actually a threat.

The first argument is so ridiculously outrageous that not even President Bush is attempting to sell it to the American people. Even if this was true, however, Chuck fails to explain why we aren’t invading those countries right now besides some cliche, paranoid, overused claim of a despotic “liberal media.” The second argument fails to plain ordinary common sense. If Chuck thinks we should invade anyone who can make a dirty bomb, then I guess any country with a nuclear power plant and a roll of duct tape will soon hear the sound of our bombs. Further, there has been zero evidence from this pointless and wasteful war that Saddam was planning or even wanted to attack the United States. Chuck also conveniently leaves out facts regarding the United States actually funding Iraq’s chemical weapons program and the scandal at Abu Ghraib when he claims the war on Iraq was for “humanitarian” purposes.

I sincerely hope in the future that Chuck stops so blatantly distorting and twisting reality to fit his extreme, conservative ideology.

Ryan Kaminski

freshman in LAS

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