Letter: Support SORF

The staff at Student Legal Service appreciates 24 years of support for the program from the student body and the SORF Board.

The Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) supplies 100 percent of the funding for Student Legal Service, which has enabled the office to advise and represent over 50,000 students over the years.

We have made law on behalf of tenants in the Illinois Appellate Court and at the State Supreme Court. Thousands of students have been helped with traffic tickets and city offense tickets. Your SORF fee gives you an attorney to sue your landlord for illegal deductions from your security deposit, invasions of privacy by the landlord and failure to make needed repairs.

Student Legal Service receives a percentage of your $10 SORF fee. It is shared by the Tenant Union and hundreds of other groups that enrich campus life.

On March 8 and 9, you have an opportunity to renew the refundable SORF fee to support Student Legal Service’s mission of legal education and representation.

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