Letter: Bringing it to the table

I have never really taken student government seriously. As I get more involved in my education, I can better understand how these positions should serve as my voice to the University, particularly the student trustee. The student trustee has the opportunity to bring real awareness of issues to the most powerful group of people at this University: the Board of Trustees. I have also noticed that not many students get involved in these elections. I have to wonder why.

So far this semester, I have heard good things from a number of candidates who are bringing issues to the table that this campus needs to deal with, including minority underenrollment, campus security and rising tuition. Now, I am curious about one particular candidate whose campaign materials were a little more vague. As I walked down the street on Friday afternoon in the midst of “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day” I ran into a number of T-shirts that read, “I love Nick KLITzing for Student Trustee.”

What exactly does this bring to the table? Is Nick Klitzing making a crude sexual joke for name recognition or would he like to take this opportunity to speak on his stance regarding those issues that women on our campus have to deal with? It could have been clever if he related his crude joke to our limited access to contraceptive coverage on campus. I have been to his Web site; there is no mention of any women-specific issues. If Nick “KLITzing” doesn’t take his campaign seriously, why should we?

Amy Clay

junior in LAS

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