Letter: Thanks to heroes

By The Daily Illini

As I picked up my Daily Illini on the morning of March 9, I was confronted by Scott Bort’s front page picture of the tragic flatbed truck accident on University Avenue late Tuesday afternoon. The photograph showed Champaign Police and Firefighters desperately trying to extract the driver of the truck from the burning rubble.

Words cannot describe how everyone at the scene must have felt as the danger and panic of the situation set in. I want to applaud every citizen and all rescue workers who attempted to save that truck driver’s life. While your efforts were not successful, your humanity and courage under fire were nothing less than heroic. We can take solace during this awful event that we have people in this community, and people working for this community, who do not shrink back from duty, who do everything in their power to answer the call when immediate help is needed. Thank you for showing up and stepping up. I wish the City had an Officer, Emergency Medical Team and Fireman Appreciation Day when I see these great acts of everyday heroism.

Chris Evans

Urbana resident