Letter: Open to all cultures

By The Daily Illini

I was absolutely disgusted on Wednesday when I turned to the Opinions page and read Chris Kozak’s commentary, “Royal Nuisances,” one of the most offensive pieces of writing I have ever seen printed in the DI. While using sarcasm might be one way to get your opinion across, aiming cruel and insensitive public insults at one group of people for their way of life is not journalism. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but at least get the definitions of “transgender” and “transvestite” right (a tip: they’re not interchangeable).

It is true that Lincoln Hall and DKH need work. Practically every building on this campus needs renovations of some kind (but I’m pretty sure we don’t need plasma screens in the Union). Some of our school’s budget does go to minority programs; that’s one of the great things about UIUC, the administration’s openness to all cultures, races and sexual orientations. The only nuisances around here are the intolerant people who can’t handle a little diversity.

Erica Taffs

senior in LAS