Letter: Educate yourself

On March 31 and April 14, The Orange and Blue Observer raffled off guns on the Quad as a fundraiser. The first time was an AK-47 and the second time was three Spanish Star Largo 9mm semi-automatic handguns.

When interviewed the first time, Leo Buchignani, the editor-in-chief of The Observer, stated that he doesn’t understand why the feminist groups don’t advocate the use of guns. He continued to say, “if more women carried firearms … there would be fewer cases of rape … hand guns eliminate the strength advantage of men over women.” He said they were “protesting the high amounts of murder, rape assaults and crimes in Illinois.”

Yes, because the problem really lies in women who happen to be typically smaller than men physically. Because instead of educating men to stop the rape, let’s give every woman on this campus a hand gun that she can take with her as she is walking back from classes late at night, when she is hanging out with a male friend and when she goes out to party. Because, of course, she knows how to use a gun and shoot at point blank. Because when the time is crucial, she will put herself in a position of possibly killing another human being. Or the male perpetrator could steal the gun from her and instead aim at her. So let’s eliminate rape by handing over guns to women and raise the death count – both male and female (This is all sarcasm).

The majority of rapes on campus and in the country are acquaintance rape. That means you have a higher likelihood of being raped by that kid you study with in your math class than from the guy hiding behind the bushes at midnight. I am flabbergasted that Buchignani thinks guns will end sexual assaults. The problem is not that women are too weak to protect themselves, but the problem lies in our society where some men believe it is okay to disrespect women by raping them. Want a challenge Buchignani? Go educate yourself!

Tina Wei

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