Column: By God or by gold

By David Solana

Activism is such a nasty thing. It brings to mind visions of flag burners, bra burners, draft card burners and “different” people asking for the same rights we pasty-skinned folk have. It’s even spreading to those “different” people wanting the same sexual rights as we reproducers.

When we talk about activist judges, things are even worse. Those judges are actually bold enough to put themselves in harm’s way by making downright unpopular decisions. There really is no way to stop these judges – the federal ones at least – because they have lifetime appointments. What, then, are we to do when the things we hold so dear – the little things that make life worthwhile – are just handed out to so many people to whom we’d prefer to be superior?

Frankly, I wouldn’t go so far as House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and actually suggest violence against federal judges. He’s going to fall hard for that. Unfortunately, his threats to the judges who allowed for Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube to be removed will have a severe backlash on his personal political life. Threatening other human beings’ lives while accusing them of murder is too ironic to treat seriously.

DeLay, of course, scoffed at violent interpretations of his statement: “The time will come for the men responsible for (Schiavo’s death) to answer for their behavior, but not today.” I suppose he might have been referring to a fate in fiery hell, but for some of us who view the Republican Party as good only for its defense of liberty and small government, this wallowing in faux piety is the death knell. I can’t support any politician whose inspiration comes from some deity – it’s like listening to David Hume read Bible stories. Considering the stereotypical politician’s propensity to lie, the truly pious should cringe every time a politician invokes their deities. Judges, on the other hand, should never be appointed as without prior experience as religious leaders.

Opponents of this term, activist judges, like to say it refers mostly to judges who decide things in favor of personal liberties or homosexuals. These naysayers pretend judges aren’t bound to uphold the inevitably intertwining values between God and America. It’s as if they are able to ignore the boon God bestowed upon us by defeating the atheist, communist Soviet Union and leaving America as the sole world superpower.

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    At any rate, I’m not suggesting we hope there is a sudden influx of “regular” judges. They tend to stir up the liberals – those people who don’t align themselves with the majority. These liberals throw around words that hurt my feelings: bigot, sexist, etc. Those people, who think they deserve a piece of my pie for some reason, tend to get lots of public sympathy. I guess it’s not such a big problem because the only people who pay attention to them are journalists, and we all know the left-wing media lies incessantly just to sell their product. It’s despicable, really.

    The fact is, this country needs a new political party. One that gets things right. I can’t stand the blatant abuse of religion by the Republican Party. Either they must jump in all the way and start pushing an all-religion agenda – with judicial supervision – or they should abandon religion to a new party. If they grab religion, which I suspect they will, we will need a new party to protect big business. I need a party with disdain for those who don’t value liberty. Our economy is strong simply because the rich, white men who make this country run know what they’re doing. A few people squashed along the way are nothing for the glory of being the world’s greatest nation.

    Be it God or Gold, this country will rise again from the ashes to which those activist judges are condemning it, and I can’t wait to be there, riding on somebody’s coattails.