Other campus: No more excuses (BYU)

By The Daily Universe

(U-WIRE) PROVO, Utah – The testimonies of former FEMA Director Michael Brown and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco starkly contrasted one another last week. Before the senate, both testified about Hurricane Katrina and the damage done as a result.

While Brown seemed more focused on deflecting blame and avoiding the subject of his own mistakes, Blanco focused on what needs to happen next. It seems Brown could stand to learn a few things from Blanco.

There have already been enough excuses and pointing of fingers. What the nation needs at this point is not accusations of blame, but apologies and plans for the future of the Gulf Coast.

Blanco focused exactly on this, and didn’t point any fingers or try to excuse away what happened. This is more of what the country needs right now. With Bush’s slow response to Katrina, along with Brown’s, the country has had enough of excuses.

The last thing the country needs in order to guarantee the safety of its citizens is more mud-slinging and finger-pointing, but Brown seems perfectly content to continue just that, even taking the position of some sort of martyr, claiming that he’ll be the scapegoat in order for change to take place.

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America doesn’t need a scapegoat. It needs a leader, one that will take responsibility for his own mistakes, and clearly Brown is not up to that job.

Staff Editorial

The Daily Universe (BYU)