Note to the readers

Many actions have been taken by the University to enforce pedestrian traffic laws on campus since Sept. 29, when University freshman Sarah Channick was killed after she was struck by a bus at the intersection of Sixth and Chalmers Streets. The Technical Committee on the Champaign Urbana Urbanized Transportation was asked to create a list of recommendations to improve public safety. While there are students on the committee to represent the interests of their peers, it would undoubtedly help to get as many opinions as possible from the people who actually walk around Campustown.

We’d like to provide an opportunity for all members of the campus community to get their opinions heard on this page. If you have any suggestions or ideas to make Campustown safer, send us your plan in a brief letter between 50 and 100 words. We will make every possible effort to publish these letters throughout the next week. But please remember to include your name, number, year in school and major.