Letter: Facebook: public record

(U-WIRE) COLUMBIA, Mo. – Facebook is just a gimmick, right? It’s a good place to put pictures of your underage self sipping Jack Daniels while bragging about your extensive porn collection.

Except it’s not. Not if you want a job, that is. All information on Facebook is public record. All it takes for a potential employer or recruiter to get your profile is finding a willing student, graduate or faculty member to give the employer access to the site.

Whether you feel it’s right for employers not to hire someone based on the content of his or her Facebook profile is not the question. Potential employers will want to know as much information, and they obviously won’t stop at Facebook profiles.

It’s up to you to make sure they see the most responsible side possible – even if you aren’t being as responsible on your own time.

Staff Editorial

The Maneater (U. Missouri)