Letter: Virtue of consistency

The College Democrats’ misogynistic bar crawl, titled “Donkey Punching our way to Victory,” has rightly set off emotions within the campus community. The bar crawl wrongly made fun of sexual abuse. The College Democrats and its president, Justin Cajindos, should be ashamed of themselves.

What is more disappointing, however, is the College Republican’s hypocritical stance on the issue. While College Republican President Jake Vial wrote on Dec. 2 that the bar crawl, “struck a nerve with many of the members of our organization,” the College Republican Vice President External, Ryan Ruzic, wore the sexually explicit T-shirt on the infamous bar crawl. Mr. Ruzic’s insensitivity did not end there; as the College Republican spokesperson, he flaunted the T-shirt in an Illinois Student Senate meeting and to members of the National Organization for Women. Mr. Vial should re-examine his officer roster before blaming “poor media representation” for his public image problems.

If College Republicans truly, “respect the women of [the campus] community,” then I ask Mr. Vial to stand by his convictions and recall his vice president. Furthermore, if the College Democrat’s wish to stand by their position of gender equality, they should recall their president. We all should expect more from our campus leaders.

Hassen Al-Shawaf

graduate student