A forum for student action

We must begin a new era of leadership to save the declining state of public higher education. It is time the foundation of this University became its most active participants. Young people have always had poor voter turnout and consequently their needs get ignored year after year. The University of Illinois contributes more than seven billion dollars to the Illinois economy every year and yet our three campuses combined receive only about seven hundred million dollars in state funding. It is our duty as citizens and students to speak for our University. We have an obligation to remind our representatives that the state of Illinois depends on this University’s students and faculty.

The Illinois Student Senate Budget Committee challenges our fellow students to stop complaining about crumbling buildings, overcrowded classrooms, and losing beloved faculty to other world class institutions.

Instead, we ask you to act, by writing a letter to your representative. The ISS Budget Committee has created an online letter campaign, (www.iss.uiuc. edu/letters), where you can voice your opinion to your legislators with a few clicks of your cursor and a minute of your time. While we understand that the atmosphere of the University needs to shift from total state dependency, we believe the state must keep its promise of providing its citizens with accessible, high-quality education.

Before you open your mouth and complain, save your breath, write a letter, and save your education.

Amanda Palazzo

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    Chair, Illinois Student Senate Budget Committee