Vice president proud to be Greek

The staff editorial “A Letter to New Greek Affairs Dean Ashley Dye” was inappropriate and inaccurate. As the Vice President of Service for Panhellenic Council, I am very proud to be Greek. Many positive things surround the Greek Community. Last semester, Panhellenic Council alone completed more than 18,500 hours of community service, wrote 1,500 letters to soldiers abroad, collected 550 boxes of tampons for two homeless shelters, and raised more than $9,500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. But these efforts are often not publicized to the rest of campus.

It would be fallacious to refute the article by simply discussing service since the issue presented is racist Greeks. However, a more accurate dialogue is the racism, false stereotypes and degrading images that envelop the entire campus. These issues are more than just Greek problems.

The negative attitudes towards Greeks are often the result of erroneous information. Collectively, the four councils work to decrease the racial divide and tackle other issues that plague our campus.

Greek Affairs has always taken a proactive stance by defining its expectations and challenging it members to strive for excellence.

The Greek Community is proud to welcome Ashley Dye to our campus; however, we will greatly miss the outgoing Greek Affairs Dean Dan Bureau.

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    Katherine Becker

    Senior in LAS