On the Quad: What do you think Bush really smells like?

“I don’t really know, but I don’t think that’s a very professional thing to say.

Sadaf Safavi

Freshman in LAS

“I’m assuming he smells decently clean.

Caleb Brown

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    Freshman in LAS


    Jennifer Kudirska

    Freshman in LAS

    “I’m sure he smells like corn or barbecue sauce because he lives down in Texas.

    Jamie Jacobs

    Senior in FAA

    “President Bush smells like power.

    Nikita Sorokin

    Senior in FAA

    “He smells like everyone else. He may not be doing the right thing here or there but he’s trying his best in my opinion.

    Injae Lee

    Senior in Business

    “I would say alcohol. I don’t buy that whole no drinking act.

    Kelly Scott

    Junior in LAS

    “Cow pies and diesel fuel.

    Aurelia Juska

    Senior in LAS

    “Sulfur. That sounds about right.

    Tajal Patel

    Freshman in LAS

    “George Bush probably smells like money.

    Quentin Obis

    Graduate student

    “Probably really expensive cologne.

    Nicole Steineke

    Junior in LAS

    “I think he’s fine. I don’t really have a problem with President Bush.

    Keenan Johnston

    Sophomore in Business