LETTER: Problem of perspective

In her column, Brenda Zylstra discusses the problems of fanatics who commit atrocities in the name of Islam and wonders why the so-called Muslim leaders don’t distance themselves from such activities.

Perhaps Brenda should be acquainted with the notion of perspective. Consider the case of Iraq, where democracy is being spread by guns, bombs and torture. Among the over 40,000 civilians individually confirmed murdered due to this spread of democracy, there are no doubt countless Sister Leonellas there. I’m sure a lot of apologies are pending.

But who should apologize to the Iraqis? Should the democracy-loving prime minister of India apologize? Does that even make sense? Does it make sense to monopolize the time of others who are not responsible for this, and are not participants in the problem?

In the case of Sister Leonella, the Union of Islamic Courts in Somalia did condemn the murder. Google is your friend, Brenda – do your research. Perhaps Bush should apologize for it too, given the recent report (among others in the past), that the war in Iraq is fueling terrorism globally.

Mueen Nawaz

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    Graduate student