If you’re not abstinent, why are you so afraid to show it?

By Staff Editorial

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Our generation knows a thing or two about the dangers of sex. We’ve all been for warned of the risks of pregnancy and STD’s, and that abstinence is the thing that is 100 percent effective against these two things.

But most of the population does not heed the warnings of that really old lady in fifth grade that taught sex education.

But one little thing comes very close to abstinence’s 100 percent success rate.

Condoms, no matter the color, size, texture or flavor are an incredibly affordable and effective method of birth control as well as a disease barrier, and they could be our generation’s biggest safety precaution when it comes to STD’s.

So why is it that condoms come with negative stigmas that they do not deserve. Why do networks like Fox and CBS refuse to air condom commercials because they are “inappropriate for viewers” when condoms could be our generation’s biggest safety precaution.

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Whenever a person walks up to the counter to purchase one of these little coins of safety, they should hold their head up high, as to say “I care about my body, and my partner’s body.”

We think that the negative stigma that condoms hold comes from a bias presented by the media themselves.

We live in a world where STD’s and/or pregnancy are a risk for almost everyone who engages in unprotected sex.

In a June article in the New York Times, the motives of CBS and Fox for not airing a Trojan condom commercial involving men who looked like pigs for not using condoms, were questioned.

The stations answered back, confirming that they had refused to show the commercials, but declining to comment further.

Fox did however, send a message to Trojan, informing them that “contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy” for it to be shown on their network.

But that’s the thing isn’t it, no matter how you swing it, condoms protect against BOTH pregnancy and STD. So rather than denying to air a commercial based on the premise that it is pro-contraception, maybe stations and the American public as a whole should open their eyes and realized that by saying that showing condom commercials is inappropriate to viewers. They’re recreating the stigma that that causes people embarrassment to pick them up from the local drug store.

More teenagers than ever are engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage, and more than half of all people will contract a STD in their lifetime, according to the American Social Health Association.

So, Fox, CBS and all forms of media across the country, do right by our future, and start showing condom commercials, because like it or not, they help many more people than they hurt.