Breaking the ice with that hottie from class

By Brittany Abeijon

So you want to know how you can stop staring and start talking to that honeybaby in your 11 a.m. class? Here is how to break the ice between you and that hottie.

Jackie Friel, senior in LAS, proves that love really does exist in learning. She met her current boyfriend two years ago in chemistry lab when they became lab partners, and they have been dating ever since.

You obviously have at least one thing in common with your hopeful prospect: you’re in the same class. Another plus is the setting. A calm, quiet and sober setting ensures that neither person’s judgment is impaired, and that you can actually remember both the conversations and interactions.

“Sit as close as you can to them and bring up something as simple as how hard the last test was or how unfair the professor is,” Friel said.

If they agree? Talk about how you’re just going to drink it off, then ask what bars they go to.

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If they got an A on the last exam and really like the professor? Ask if you can borrow their obviously good notes for the next test or ask them to help you study for it.

“You could also tell them you missed the last lecture and ask to borrow their notes,” Friel said. “This gives you a great excuse to talk to them again when you return the notes.”

So after the initial breaking of the ice, how do you let them know you’re interested in more than just their notes? Find a way to repay them for their generosity. Tell them you’ll have to buy them a drink next time you go out.

Not 21? Buy lunch instead.

Andrew Earley, University alumnus, goes by this easy-to-remember rule of thumb.

“If you can’t win her with a drink, then show her how you think,” he said.

If you succeed in setting up a study session, Earley suggests hitting up a caf‚ such as Moonstruck Chocolate Co., which is way more comfortable and romantic than the Undergraduate Library. While you study, engage in conversation.

“If conversation is flowing, sneak away and buy her a piece of chocolate,” Earley said. “Should she smile and say thank you while indulging in the overpriced chocolate, you’re sure to be studying for a few more hours.”

Hopefully something sweet will turn into something sweeter.

One thing that should never be done is pretending not to understand the material; think Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls.” Smart is sexy, so impressing them with an answer is way more intriguing than a blank stare and a confused look. An “I don’t get it” is not going to get them.