It’s time to cut the cord on Planned Parenthood

By Paul Schmitt

Thousands of protesters in Aurora, Ill., have had the brief luxury of a sigh of relief. The good news was courtesy of Federal Judge Charles Norgle when he rejected an injunction that would have allowed for the opening of Planned Parenthood’s new $7.7 million clinic in the suburban town. Why the wait? Unfortunately, while Planned Parenthood advocates from a moral platform regarding services to women and sexual health awareness, its integrity doesn’t appear to extend to openness and honesty with the communities that it aims to serve.

Planned Parenthood attempted to sneak into Aurora by attaining building permits through the pseudonym “Gemini Office Development.” To the dismay of city officials who approved the building permit, the identity of the clinic’s occupant was only recently revealed, causing a political firestorm and evoking massive prayer-filled protests outside the site of the potential clinic. Battle ensued between members of the city government and the moral crusaders who left the municipal leadership feeling slighted and deceived.

Why, though, if Planned Parenthood’s services are so fundamental to a community’s health and survival, would the organization go to such underhanded measures? According to a Sean Hannity report on the Aurora situation, deception and misdirection aren’t uncommon characteristics promoted by the abortionists. Fox News investigative reporters posed as pregnant, scared 14-year-old girls who were the victims of statutory rape, asking Planned Parenthood representatives for direction. The response? Representatives were recorded in telephone conversations as telling the undercover Fox ‘victims’ not to report the incident, opting for the easier, illegal approach of keeping their alleged 22-year-old boyfriends out of court and away from charges.

While these instances in themselves raise many ethical questions about the practices of Planned Parenthood, the false permit scandal adds to the dogging allegations of failing to report rape and incest cases. In Texas, contractors that were building a new clinic for the organization refused to finish their work upon learning of what exactly they were constructing. Though the permit scandal in Aurora has caused controversy throughout the state, it has provided a legal delay in the clinic’s opening, leaving more time for protesters to lay siege on the unopened clinic.

While all of this may be typical of the heated consequences of an issue as political as abortion, the mess calls for some deep thought on the premises upon which Planned Parenthood operates. The facilities, which have faced repeated lawsuits by parents of its clients, pro-life groups and others, claim to offer necessary and important services to the communities where they are located. Looking at the situation in Aurora, however, one might easily draw a conclusion that Planned Parenthood advocates nothing more than an abdication of personal responsibility, honesty and self-respect.

Perhaps frightened, pregnant teens should follow the ‘Planned’ example – shamefully hide your identity, mislead and misdirect those who are most concerned about the welfare of the community and partake in a reckless, thoughtless series of actions that will only later cause more pain to those around you. Perhaps not. The Planned Parenthood strategy of growth further raises questions about the necessity of its existence. If you must engage in fly-by-night behavior to even open your doors in a community, are your services truly welcomed and warranted in that community?

Last year Planned Parenthood, a self-proclaimed nonprofit group, received $305 million of taxpayer funding through federal subsidies and additionally grabbed $60 million in profits. Looking at the situation that has developed in Aurora and the traditional business practices that Planned Parenthood employs, aren’t there better destinations for the taxpayer dollar? With dishonesty and a blatant agenda on the table, perhaps it’s time to cut the cord on Planned Parenthood.