65 reasons why we love March Madness

By Jeremy Werner

1. Conference Tournaments giving every team one last shot…

2. … even Illinois

3. The bubble … who’s in, who’s out?

4. Selection Sunday bursting bubbles

5. Filling out 10 different brackets …

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    6. … and not knowing which team to root for

    7. Bobby Knight on ESPN

    8. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski doing what he does best

    9. Kelvin Sampson not on the Indiana bench

    10. Bill Self and Kansas underachieving

    11. CBS’ theme song

    12. A new batch of ads…

    13. … and having the date of the Masters rammed into your memory

    14. D.J. Augustin, legit NBA prospect

    15. Darren Collison, same deal

    16. Predicting the 12 vs. 5 upset …

    17. … and hoping for a 16-seed to finally beat a No. 1

    18. Remembering the 2005 Final Four run

    19. Freshman sensation Michael Beasley

    20. The “freshman fundamental” Kevin Love

    21. Freshman phenom Derrick Rose

    22. Diaper dandy O.J. Mayo

    23. But not so much Eric Gordon

    24. Buzzer-beaters

    25. Illinois State?

    26. UCLA making another Final Four run

    27. North Carolina scoring 100 in the first round

    28. Is Memphis legit?

    29. “With a kiss!”

    30. Is Drake the next MVC success story?

    31. Davidson’s Stephen Curry scoring with ease

    32. UConn center Hasheem Thabeet’s freakishly long arms

    33. Tom Izzo making the Big Ten proud

    34. Digger Phelps’ matching tie-highlighter combo

    35. Not having to watch Illinois blow a 15-point lead

    36. Replays of Christian Laettner

    37. Replays of Bryce Drew

    38. Gonzaga in the tournament again

    39. Rick Pitino coaching another elite team

    40. Baylor’s rise from the ashes

    41. NCAA posterboy Tyler Hansbrough

    42. Bracket-busting upsets

    43. Not watching meaningless spring training

    44. Which Indiana team shows up?

    45. UCLA’s cheerleaders

    46. Tennessee’s Chris Lofton drilling threes

    47. Live look-ins

    48. Double-overtime

    49. The potential mascot fight

    50. Clark Kellogg expressing his love for Ohio State

    51. The Redwood that is Roy Hibbert

    52. Where is Siena?

    53. The sweet stroke of Shan Foster

    54. Notre Dame’s versatile Luke Harongody

    55. Office pools …

    56. … and the least knowledgeable person winning

    57. Watching every minute of the first two days of the tournament

    58. The NIT – nothing like mediocre basketball

    59. No homecourt advantage

    60. March Madness extending into April

    61. George Mason trying one more time

    62. Cutting down the nets

    63. No Dick Vitale on CBS

    64. Predicting the Cinderella …

    65. … and finding out who the slipper really fits.

    Jeremy Werner is a junior in Communications. He can be reached at [email protected].