Good luck to our Illini Olympians

The Daily Illini is going on hiatus for a few weeks. We’ll be back for the beginning of the fall semester. During our time off, most of us expect to pay a lot of attention to the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics which will be held in Beijing starting August 8th.

Of course, we’ll just be watching. We may win a gold medal for being couch potatoes, but the University of Illinois will be sending real athletes looking to leave their mark:

Justin Spring for gymnastics, Emily Zurrer for soccer, Chris Robinson for baseball, Gakologelwang Masheto for track and field, Kevin Anderson for tennis and Deron Williams for basketball.

Sarah Castle, Patty Cisneros, Carlee Hoffman, Jennifer Ruddell, Emily Hoskins, Christina Ripp, Stephanie Wheeler, Steve Serio, Adam Lancia, Patrick Anderson, Tracey Ferguson, Edina Mueller and Grant Mizens for wheelchair basketball.

Adam Bleakney, Joshua George, Anjali Forber-Pratt, Jessica Galli, Amanda McGrory, Tony Iniguez and Tatyana McFadden for Paralympic track and field.

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    Kari Miller for sitting volleyball and Norm Lyduch for wheelchair rugby. GO ILLINI!