New year begins again with Quad Day and The Daily Illini continues its work.

Hey congratulations! After not raining for quite awhile, Mother Nature decided to greet thousands of University students with several steady downpours as everyone attempted to move in.

The rain’s been a common theme all year, but if you got drenched while transporting your life, take solace if you actually got to move in where you planned.

That’s not the case for scores of students who had hoped to move into the “Whopper” at 309 E. Green or Burnham 310. Rain delays in the spring have pushed back their opening dates months.

Still, with tens of thousands of people returning to campus, it’s hard to get bummed about much of anything – at least until classes start.

If the weather holds off, Quad Day once again offers the opportunity for everyone to get reacquainted with the University of Illinois. Hopefully, today’s special section will make navigating the maze of Registered Student Organizations a little easier.

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And if the weather decides to dampen the event as it happens, at least you’ve got a handy newspaper to cover yourself.

But seriously folks, it’s pretty likely that even after all the activities happening this weekend that you’ll still wake up Monday morning with more questions than answers.

Some people makes promises to themselves at the beginning of the new school year and here’s ours: We’ll try to do more than we’ve ever done before to help you answer those questions.

We’re going to reintroduce ourselves to campus. The path to working here will be clearer and this will result in more and better paper content and on

Like everyone else, Illini Media Company will have a booth or five set up at convenient locations. You’ll be able to get information about working for The Daily Illini, WPGU-FM, Buzz Magazine, the Illio and the Technograph along with IMC’s advertising department.

But even if don’t want to work for us, we still want you to be involved with us.

If you’ve got an interesting story that you think we should know about, drop us a line at [email protected] or use the information on page 2A to contact an individual editor.

After all, one definition of being the student newspaper is that it be primarily staffed with students. A better definition is a newspaper that focuses and involves primarily students who read it.

We hope that this year will be exciting and productive not just because we work at a newspaper, but because we’re students like you.