Use this bucket list to wrap up, appreciate senior year


By Kate Cullen

For those of us in the class of 2014, the “g word” is quickly approaching. 

Yes, unfortunately, I’m referring to the end of the world as we know it — graduation.

It seems as if it was just the beginning of freshman year, all of us awkwardly bumping into each other while at dinner at the Ike. But then we blinked, now its April, and we’re graduating in a month.

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time and do it all over again, even though I wish we could. But we can take advantage of the little time we have left here on campus and indulge in some of our favorite pastimes one last time.

The first thing that comes to mind for a foodie like me is all of the Champaign and Urbana delicacies I am going to miss once I graduate. I plan on binge eating tacos at Maize until I can no longer stand, and going to Antonio’s Pizza every night in an attempt to try every different type of pizza topping they have.

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If you have not visited either of these fine establishments during your four years on campus, I suggest you start going now because you have a lot of catching up to do.

On a more serious note — try to attend class in this final homestretch. While it may seem easy to sit back and not go to class because you’ve been doing so for the last four years, try to put in the extra effort into going because, unless you are attending graduate school, there will never be another time when you can sit in a classroom and learn.

Most of us have been in school our entire lives up to this point, and we have often taken our education for granted. Take these final weeks to really soak in the classroom experience and appreciate your professors who stand in front of you everyday teaching the lessons they have learned throughout a lifetime.

While you’re sitting in class, you may hear the bell tower ring its beautiful melody, and before you graduate, you should get up close and personal with those bells. 

You can actually climb up the bell tower and see how the whole system works. Not only is it cool to see how enormous the bells actually are, but it’s also an intimate look at one of the daily functions at the University.

Next on the senior year bucket list agenda should definitely be taking a picture with our newly reacquired Alma Mater — and might I just say the makeover did you wonders, Alma. 

While most seniors choose to take a picture with Alma at graduation adorned in caps and gowns, I suggest you take a more informal and impromptu picture with our staple statue. Snap a picture when you’re walking home one night or during the day between classes — its more natural, and you can have more fun with it than a stuffy pose in a blue gown.

And finally, the last item on our senior checklist should be to spend as much time with your friends as possible. 

Do not waste these last moments with your campus family at the University, but embrace every opportunity to try something new and appreciate the time you have left together. Even though we will not be saying permanent goodbyes to each other next month, there will never be another time you will be living as close to your best friends as you are now.

These weeks seem to be flying by, but make sure you try to slow them down as much as you can, and do the things you never got a chance to do before, and try to repeat some of your best moments here on campus.

Kate is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected].