Registration tips for dream schedule

By Daily Illini Editorial Board

 With time tickets for spring registration starting to open, students are now becoming subjected to the frenzy, fears and trepidations of planning for the coming semester. For those who are new to the ways of University self-registration, brace yourselves, because it can be a bumpy ride if you don’t prepare. As such, let us offer you a little guidance: 

Priorities, priorities. 

Going into registration, figure out which course or requirements you absolutely have to take or satisfy to graduate. Make sure to sign up for these classes first and foremost, whether they are general education classes or required courses for your major.

The chosen few. 

Your place in line for registration is determined by both the number of hours you’ve already accumulated as well as certain special statuses, such as being a James Scholar. You should account for where you may land in the pack and take that into consideration when weighing the likelihood of getting into coveted courses — like anything with Professor Snodgrass. Which is why you should also: 

Make backup plans. 

Yes, the four-day weekend schedule is the creme-de-la-creme of the college experience — for those who know how to  work it, that is. But, so many confounding factors can get between you and not having to wake up on Fridays, which is why you should put some thought into what alternative schedules may be available and which ones would be acceptable.

Seek out the sages. 

Ask your friends what classes they enjoyed. Email professors to get a peek at their course syllabus. Note: Rate My Professors and sites like it are generally not a reliable heuristic method unless you are beholden to the wisdom and opinions of noted University student “Anonymous.”

Time, precious time. 

Not a morning person? Don’t take 8 a.m. classes — ever. Next topic. 

Balance, young grasshopper. 

Required and advanced level courses are a necessary evil to many. But don’t let them own your schedule — balance out these more challenging classes with more interesting, less difficult ones. Class-curious? Spice up your course life by trying out exotic new classes outside your major that can satisfy your educational urges. You’ll thank us later.


Know when your time ticket opens, and, if you know what courses you want, know their course codes so you can register in no time. Even if you aren’t set on a schedule, pick up the classes you most want right away. You can always go back and edit your schedule later, but it makes life a lot easier if you’ve secured spots in your most wanted and needed courses. Additionally, sites like Scheedule that generate theoretical weekly class schedules can make planning out your potential class schedule much simpler.

Choosing classes for next semester can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our advice and hopefully in the spring you will be saying goodbye to classes any earlier than 10 a.m. and hello to long weekends.