Quick Commentary

By Emma Goodwin and Kaanan Raja

UI’s Islam Awareness Week

This week is Islam Awareness at the University. Throughout the entire week, students of all cultures can participate in activities to increase awareness and knowledge about Muslim beliefs and lifestyle. For example, yesterday kicked off a three-day challenge for people to wear a hijab — which will close with a discussion at the Women’s Resource Center. Just venture out to the “Talk to a Muslim” station set up on the Quad to take advantage of such a great learning and communicating opportunity.

Bad blood (moon)

Stargazers and ordinary citizens alike all had their cameras and smartphones out to witness the “blood moon” or the supermoon eclipse, a rare phenomenon that we haven’t seen since 1982. While some NASA pictures have been impressive and breathtaking, the sight was not as spectacular from the grounds of Champaign with clouds mostly obstructing the view. Not to fear — we’ll be ready for the next “blood moon”… in 2033.

Who lives in a glowing shell under the sea…

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Scientists have discovered the first ever glowing sea turtle near the Solomon Islands … so I guess that time I painted my turtle with glow-in-the-dark paint as a kid doesn’t count toward such a scientific feat. These amazing hawksbill sea turtles are some of the most endangered animals on the planet, so conservation is ever-important.

Summer lovin’ ended so fast

This Friday will officially be the beginning of October, meaning the month of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, scarf-sweater combos, football games and October Lovers Club is here. And yet, where is the weather? Way up in the stratosphere of thermometers. Come on, Mother Nature, can’t you work with us? Snowflakes, not orange leaves, should fall on Christmas. Here’s to hoping for an October where the temperature stays below 80 degrees.