Letter to the Editor: No reason to use real fur in Canada Goose jackets

By Jodie Wiederkehr

Regarding Leah Pearlman’s post, I’m sure that the majority of those complaining about the Canada Goose jackets, made from real coyote fur, are people who do not consume or wear animals or animal products. Either way, it shouldn’t matter who chooses to speak out against a product created from pure misery.

Being told what we should or should not be concerned with is something activists are all too familiar with.

Whether we are exposing the horrors behind laboratory doors; protesting the abuse and confinement of animals in circuses; fighting against the extreme torture and death in factory farms and slaughterhouses; etc.; activists are often told that we should be advocating for humans, the children, the homeless, the veterans and the sick. There are only 24 hours in a day, and one cannot work on every issue that haunts them.

Even if “humane” regulations and standards were implemented and trappers followed them to the book, which would never, ever happen for numerous reasons, animals are still being skinned and killed to make an unnecessary product. And yes, “the collection of coyote fur causes excessive pain and suffering to animals.”

We certainly know from history that just because we’ve been doing something for hundreds of years doesn’t make it right…

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It’s 2016 and there are plenty of coats, jackets and cold weather apparel made from technologically advanced synthetic materials. There is absolutely no reason, other than greed, to harm, trap, skin and kill animals for our wardrobe or warmth.

This letter to the editor was written by Jodie Wiederkehr, founder of the Center for Ethical Science.