Quick Commentary: The Illinois primary and the NCAA Tournament

By Matt Silich

Quick Commentary is a periodical critiquing of current events by the Daily Illini Opinions section’s editors. Today’s topics include Tuesday’s Illinois primary and the most undeserving team in the NCAA Tournament.


Alma Approved

Though The Daily Illini endorsed presidential candidates in both parties as well as candidates for senator, we don’t really care who you vote for. But we do care that you vote. Our peers are often so vocal about their political leanings on social media that you might think young people are more politically engaged than ever. But, traditionally, the 18- to 24-year-old vote is the smallest demographic. Take the opportunity to have a say in your country’s future and vote in the Illinois Primary.

March Madness snubs and flubs

DI Denied

Though March Madness is a time of joy for basketball enthusiasts around the United States, there are always a select few teams who undeservedly receive entrance into the 64-team field. Tulsa, a perfectly innocent college basketball team, received the final at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament despite having a far inferior resume to teams such as San Diego State and Saint Mary’s. While these yearly mistakes won’t deter anyone from frantically filling out their brackets, the selection committee should embrace better statistical rankings, such as those of Kevin Pomeroy (KenPom) and Jeff Sagarin, to improve its bracket choices.