Quick Commentary: The Cubs meet the cubs

By Matt Silich

Quick Commentary is a periodical critiquing of current events by the Daily Illini Opinions section’s editors. Today’s topics include the Chicago Cubs, Rod Blagojevich, “iCarly” and “Batman vs. Superman.”

The Chicago Cubs find furry friends

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Baseball players from the Chicago Cubs could hardly “bear” the cuteness of some furry visitors to their spring training practice Friday. Two young cubs were invited by team manager Joe Maddon to the Cubs practice field in Arizona to play with the team. IL Over the past few years, the Cubs have clawed back into playoff contention through shrewd signings and investments in the team’s farm system. And while the audacity of such a fuzzy distraction just before the season might give some fans “paws,” Maddon is renowned for his quirky methods of keeping players relaxed in practice. Even grizzled veteran first baseman Anthony Rizzo was won over by the cuddly newcomers. If all goes well, the Cubs will still have their ‘Kodiak’ moment at the World Series in October.

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Blagojevich still stuck in hairy situation

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The Supreme Court has refused to hear Rod Blagojevich’s appeal of his conviction. The former Illinois IL governor, who was originally arrested in 2008 on corruption charges, is currently serving his term in prison, theIL most astonishing allegation against him being that he tried to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat. Illinois, and frankly the United States in general, has seen more than its fair share of corrupt and deviant politicians. It’s time that wrongdoers are held accountable and take responsibility for their crimes. Blagojevich let a lot of people down, and it’s good to see the Supreme Court sticking to their guns on his conviction.

Former “iCarly” star grows up

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Nathan Kress, who played the beloved, love-struck teenager Freddie Benson on “iCarly,” got married in November and released his wedding video this week. While he made all “iCarly” fans feel old when he married London Elise Moore, whom he met on the set of “Into the Storm,” one cannot stay upset when they watch his adorable wedding video. Kress has been consistently posting sweet Instagram posts of his wife, and seems to be very muchIL  in love. His video makes everything alright again, as the pair are clearly deliriously happy to be together. Freddie may not have won over Carly’s heart, but Nathan and London are made for each other.

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Superman loses his luster in new movie

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While we won’t claim to be the foremost experts on comic books, it was difficult not to be a bit frustrated by the new blockbuster film, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” In particular, the movie’s portrayal of Superman, who many will remember from childhood as a man with integrity, was completely off-kilter. Director Zach Snyder’s Superman, played by Henry Cavill, was a dark-hearted, horrifying weapon completely lacking the honorable intentions of every other Superman ever. Ben Affleck turned in a surprisingly respectable performance as Batman, but the movie’s overall theme and message were IL far too dark, even for a duel between two of history’s most powerful (fake) superheroes.