Finding unity in the smallest ways



President-elect Donald Trump speaks to supporters after winning the election on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 at the Election Night Party at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City. (J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday/TNS)

By Saketh Vasamsetti, Columnist

vasamsetti-saketh_cutoutOver the course of the long and grueling election, there were few moments when people could take a step back and say, “Wow, I’m really enjoying myself.”

The election was truly a great learning experience for both new and old voters, but it was surrounded by so much negativity, it kind of took the fun out of things.

One would think, however, that it would get better after the election passed. But the negativity that was there during it all has increased monumentally over the past few weeks. There have been multiple cases where people of different ethnic backgrounds have been assaulted.

While it may or may not be linked to the election, these cases have been in the news a lot more frequently after the election. There have been rumors that California wants to separate from the union in a trending movement called #calexit. Thousands of people are expressing their thoughts on social media with the common phrase #NotMyPresident.

There is concern that Donald Trump is going to run our country into the ground, and that people who support Trump are concerned that they’re in danger. Because of this, our country is more separated than it’s been in a very long time.

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While both sides have the right to be concerned for their own reasons, there needs to be an overarching concern for the future of our nation. We need to be concerned for the unionization of our country. We will always have different views from one another, but there needs to be an effort to find middle ground so we can move forward together.

After months of hating one another, the one time I truly felt supporters of different views came together was on election night when Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son, became a meme overnight. He was yawning, rolling his eyes and essentially falling asleep over the course of the long night.

He was the perfect representation of how all of us felt, and he gave us something to genuinely laugh and feel good about. It was the one time I saw people from both sides of this election come together and laugh about something.

People came together to guess what was going through the mind of that poor kid. He was probably thinking about the glorious Minecraft session he would have the next day, constructing his own Trump utopian society with his face on every building. Or was he thinking, “I thought dad was just doing this to get back on ‘The Apprentice…’”

Maybe he was freaking out about how he’d now have to go to hundreds of dinner parties and shake hundreds of hands with people he doesn’t know. He might have just been scared that his mom would have to start talking more. Or maybe he was dreaming about how now he could finally get his own T.V. show, “Barron’s World.” I’d watch it.

Regardless of what it was, Barron gave us a breath of fresh air and in this rather negative time in society, he was the comic relief we all needed most. Finding things in common and making that effort to slowly come together as a community should be the goal we all have at the moment.

Neither side of the arguments over this election is trying to work toward creating a stronger community; if anything, that’s what we need to fix the most.

Saketh is a freshman in DGS.

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