Quick Commentary: Welcoming new Illini


Wenyuan Chen

Students coming out to enjoy Quad Day on Aug. 21.

Welcome new Illini!

Alma Approved

To all those who got that big, fat yes from this fine University on Friday, The Daily Illini would like to congratulate you. You are literally Alma Approved! Illinois is a great place to further your education and has been ranked No. 44 in U.S. News’s best national universities this year. While the state of Illinois has been experiencing some financial trouble as of late, the education, memories and friends that you’ll get from experiencing all that this University has to offer are truly immeasurable. You will not regret any of the time spent roaming around the 1,783 acres of campus, exploring downtown Champaign-Urbana or just lounging on the Main Quad on a nice spring day. Congratulations again, and we hope that your decision is as easy as this school is great.

#DressLikeAWoman, an ambiguous demand

DI Denied

President Donald Trump is at it again. There are reports that Trump has supposedly enforced a new dress code among members of the White House staff. For those on the staff that are women, this means that they need to start dressing like women. This has quickly become a hot debate in the Twitter world, as the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman has been trending, leading many people to wonder what exactly dressing like a woman entails. Dressing professionally is undeniably important; however, if a staffer does their job well, who cares if she are wearing pants or a dress? And aren’t there more important issues that the president of the U. S. should be concerned with rather than regulating what kind of ties his male staff can wear (if it’s not a Trump tie, then Brooks Brothers and Armani are OK) and making sure that women are clothed “properly?”

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