Praising the unsung heroes of the Trump administration



President Donald Trump leads a meeting in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., on March 7, 2017.

By Saketh Vasamsetti, Columnist

Nearly three months into Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s become quite evident the type of person he is.

Trump has always been an open book and in these past few months he’s confirmed everything we’ve thought about him prior to his presidency. But considering all of the hatred he’s been receiving, the poor guy is trying.

Take his travel ban for example: Trump really worked hard to distinguish himself from other presidents. He proved that he was going to be much more strict in terms of travel and foreign policies. The ban didn’t allow refugees to enter the U.S. for 120 days and immigrants from seven  Muslim-majority countries for three months.

Once it was announced, the entire world panicked. The ban was slammed as racist and backward and was soon blocked temporarily by a federal appellate court. It was a huge blow to the Trump administration, but they got back on their feet and went back to the drawing boards. Trump and his team came back stronger with a new and revised executive order.

The number of countries banned dropped from a humble seven to a mere six. The nation’s refugee program would also not accept more than 50,000 people a year, a new cap set after the previous 110,000 set by the Obama administration.

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One less country to worry about and 60,000 lives left with broken hopes and dreams … we can once again sleep well.

But while Trump has taken the brunt of the comments and ridicule, there have been a few unsung heroes in the Trump administration that have worked hard to keep the show on its feet.

The public speaking legend Kellyanne Conway is perhaps one of the most loyal members of the Trump administration. She continuously displays her mastery of bobbing and weaving through questions only to bounce the topics around and make a mockery of the interviewers.

However, Conway had to take a break from dodging questions in order to fully commit herself to an interview while discussing the newly proposed American Health Care Act. Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Conway if the Republicans would refer to it as “Trumpcare” much like “Obamacare” was referred to; however it was strange to see Conway squash the branding Trump would appreciate so much. Very bad!

Let’s not forget Mr. Jeff Sessions. The man has had possibly the worst time ever at the White House after he forgot to mention his multiple discussions with the Russians. Sessions is 70 years old and is the attorney general for the entire United States. That’s a tough job for a man who should be taking long walks and watching reruns of the Ed Sullivan Show. He’s also an Eagle Scout, so there has to have been a good reason for lying under oath. An Eagle Scout!

And last but not least there’s the Barnacle Boy to Trump’s Mermaid Man — Mike Pence. While many really have no clue what he’s doing, that’s what’s so awesome! Pence has been hard at work behind the curtains slowly making strides into becoming Supreme leader Pen— I mean, making the world a better place…

We knew everything we needed to know about Donald Trump before he became the president. But with the selection of his cabinet, we saw the way Trump wanted to govern and that may have been by not governing at all.

But who knows? Maybe things can get better, but in the meantime someone get Steve Bannon a pillow and a blanket for him to take a nap.

Saketh is a freshman in DGS.

[email protected]