Wait your turn to register


Each semester, returning University students begin the amazing race to get a spot in their desired course. For many students on campus, registration is a continual pain. Oftentimes classes are restricted, conflict with another course or fill up too quickly. This can be even more of a pain when courses that students need to graduate are unavailable.

To make registration as fair as possible, the University devised an organized system that is supposed to give students an equal chance. Students are given a time slot depending on their academic standing, GPA and completed credit hours. But even then, certain classes fill up fast.

Unfortunately, many students have figured out a way to work around the system. They have friends with an early registration slot and free credit hours to spare. So they’ll ask their friend to enroll in their desired course until their registration opens.

Holding course spots for other students is frowned upon by University policy, but students do it anyway.

This loophole gives students an unfair advantage, who otherwise shouldn’t have one. Students are essentially cheating their way into a course.

Students should respect their classmates and the registration process  and enroll in the classes that are available to them when registration opens. When students enroll in a class that was held for them, they take the course away from another student who might deserve it or need it more. That student likely waited their turn for the registration time-slot that they worked hard for, so they should be able to enroll in that course.

The Editorial Board acknowledges the benefit of networking with other students and utilizing resources to get ahead; however, undermining the system is not the way to do it. Networking is a great way to gain opportunities, but it will only ever get you so far. At a certain point, the work students put into something will help them to achieve a much greater reward. James Scholars, students with high GPAs and seniors have put in the time and effort to get an early time slot. If you want an early one too, then you should do the same or wait your turn.

Everyone deserves a fair and balanced registration system. We all got into this University and deserve to be here, so working the system to get ahead is not being respectful of your peers that deserve a fair shot at getting into the classes that might be available to them during their registration time slot.

But don’t worry. You can still likely get into your desired course without breaking the rules. Almost all classes have at least one or two students who drop the course, often once the course has started.

If you’re desperate to get into a certain class, you can always email your adviser; otherwise, register during your own time slot and leave classes for students who deserve it.

It’s a waiting game and sometimes you just need to be patient if it’s not your turn yet. Everything usually has a way of working out, especially if people respect the system and one another.