Freshman experience made easy with emerging resources


By Saketh Vasamsetti, Columnist

The college experience has been depicted in media in a generally stagnant way. There are parties, open fields of kids hanging out, more parties,stressful final exams and then some more partying.

But one of the most important and crucial experiences people have that is often ignored in the portrayal of college life is all of the unfortunate stress that comes with being a freshman.

From figuring out class schedules to finding a place to eat in the dining halls, freshmen really can’t catch a break during their first few weeks of school. Everyone has been there, and it truly is a high pressure situation to be in. But it’s an important experience to have because it helps shape the type of student and community member you’ll be within your school.

But for incoming freshmen in recent years, the “freshman pressure” that many have faced in their own experiences is slowly dwindling down into a fairly easy transition. This can be accredited to the vast amount of connections and resources people have through social media and technology in general.

Freshmen can now simply post any questions onto outlets like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and receive hundreds of responses. However, online advice isn’t the only benefit — used textbooks can now also be easily bought over social media, such as Facebook’s Marketplace.

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The potential to find anything you need in such an efficient way lessens much of the struggle many students have had to deal with in the past as a result of not having such resources.

Getting around campus also becomes much easier with Google and Apple maps, and transportation is now safer and reliable with the use of apps like Uber or Lyft.

Even outside the more popular websites and apps, new students’ learning experiences have been simplified through the strong influence of electronic learning by using online readings and modules. Discussion boards through course websites make it even easier for students to communicate with teachers without leaving their dorm rooms.

Freshmen, as well as all college students starting a new year, need to learn to utilize all of their resources as soon as possible at the start of a new semester. Not only will this ease their transitions, but it will also make the rest of their school years a breeze.

New learning resources emerge every day — all it really takes is keeping a lookout for something that clicks. Make sure to do yourself, as well as everyone else a favor and share the things that really click to help make everyone’s freshman year a stress-free experience.

Saketh is a sophomore in DGS.

[email protected]