Letter to the Editor: Suburban Express has a bad track record

By Kelsey Martin

The racist comments that Suburban Express made are nothing compared to the lack of human dignity they show to everyone who attempts to speak the truth about the company’s treatment of its customers and disgraceful business practices.

Do not use this company. It has mocked anyone who gives negative reviews. Look at their Yelp reviews. I can’t imagine how a company could put this on a company web page. It is very disrespectful. The business owner is a man who has absolutely no morals or respect for anyone, especially women.

I showed up at Woodfield Mall at 2:50 p.m. with plenty of time to catch the 3 p.m. bus departure to the University. I did, however, forget my physical ticket, so my sister was already on her way with the ticket, racing to get there in time. I informed the young man that my sister was on her way even though I had already showed him the electronic ticket from my phone. He said, “Too bad. I need a physical ticket.”

My sister shows up with ticket in hand at EXACTLY 3 p.m. Mind you, the bus had not yet left, but was just sitting there. He looked at the ticket and then flagged the bus driver to leave without letting me on the bus. I was shocked and horrified. The bus was there. He of course claimed it was 3:01 p.m. which it was not. He also lied as to what his name was when I asked him. I later found out his real name was Justin. It was 3:00 p.m. on the dot and he made the driver leave without letting me on the bus.

I couldn’t even get a refund, only a credit for another trip which I will never use. I had to have my family drive 6+ hours round trip to school, as I needed to get back.

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Moreover, when I disputed half the amount of the ticket to the credit card company for a refund for one way (since I had already used them to come home), the company sent me a letter from its attorney claiming that I would be sued if I didn’t pay well beyond the $30 amount I disputed by said date. Then the company added all my personal information (violating my privacy) on its “Wall of Shame” as a deadbeat and sent me an email saying so as well.

It even tries to discredit customers who give negative reviews by claiming that they didn’t pay the bill or that they lied or other excuses. The University of Illinois claims that it is a separate company not affiliated with the University.

Kelsey is junior in LAS.

[email protected]