Letter to the Editor: Jon Ebel for Congress

By Ben Chapman

Undeniably, education, science and students have suffered under the rule of President Trump and his loyal stooge, Congressman Rodney Davis. As students, voters and community members, we must ask ourselves how we can stem this tide of ignorance to restore sanity and integrity to government.

For Jon Ebel, a University professor, the answer to this question was to run for Congress. As a military veteran, serving 11 years in the Navy, Ebel knows he can’t stand by and watch those who are sworn to uphold his country’s values tearing them to shreds. He’s taking action.

Thanks to his professorship, Ebel knows what students need. He sees daily the struggles college students face, from mental health issues to soaring tuition prices. He knows these problems must be addressed.

Ebel also recognizes the value education brings to our southern Illinois communities. He knows research and technological advancement are two of the most powerful tools a society has to improve its economy and workforce.

As congressman, Ebel will work to provide free community college so income will no longer be a barrier to higher education. He plans to expand “education for service” programs, which will simultaneously expand access to higher education and put qualified people in jobs that are otherwise difficult to fill.

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    We need new perspectives in government. The lawyer/businessman/lobbyist Congress is broken. If we’re serious that America should be governed by the people and for the people, then we should elect Jon Ebel to U.S. Congress. He is a trusted professor at our University, and he can still be trusted in Washington D.C.

    Ben is a junior in ACES.
    [email protected]