Letter to the Editor | Consider where you register to vote


By Madeleine Hubbard

Voting matters, but where you cast your vote matters as well. If you vote in the city of Champaign, not only are you deciding the next few years for the permanent residents of Champaign, but you are also determining wider issues. While you may only live in Champaign or Urbana for four years, your vote will have a lasting impact on permanent citizens.

My family has lived in the Decatur, Illinois, area for generations. When you vote in Champaign, you can be one of the major forces deciding our next representative in the 13th Congressional District. You can also decide my family’s state senator. If you’re an out-of-state student and you register to vote in Illinois, you can influence who the Illinois senator or governor is. While you may leave in a few years, my family will not move and they will feel the impact of your vote.

It is easy to think about campus as its own bubble. It is important to remember your actions on campus can impact the community for years to come. Before you decide to register to vote in Champaign County, think about if you want to cast your vote in Champaign or the place you truly call your home. It might seem easier to vote in Champaign, but voting by mail is just as easy.

I vote in my home district because I don’t feel I have the authority to vote on local officials in areas other than my hometown. I do not want to be responsible for what happens in Champaign in a few years because it is not something that will impact me then. I want to make a positive impact difference in my hometown, just as I am sure you want to do as well.

Madeleine is a junior in Media.

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