Facebook makes fundraising easier

By Saketh Vasamsetti, Columnist

Since the end of July, the tropical state of Kerala in India has experienced tremendous mass flooding due to rainfall. As of Aug. 19, the death toll has increased to 370 as rescue workers continue their efforts to keep that number from growing.

With the expected damages costing upward of $50 billion, donations have been flowing to the state’s demise ever since.

Luckily, Facebook made the process of reaching out and supporting the community monumentally easier by donating to the relief effort directly from its service. The Facebook Fundraising Tools allow millions to become involved in charitable acts and are making waves to truly be the future of giving back to society.

Despite all of the heat Facebook had to deal with due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal as well as an enormous stock market loss in July, the Fundraising Tools offer a more positive take on the company’s values in light of those events.

One specific fundraiser, the Kerala Flood Relief Fund from USA, has raised $1,618,523 and is still raising money. That money has been given to the relief campaign in Kerala and will directly aid in reconstructing the community.

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Facebook Fundraising utilizes Network for Good, a fundraising software for nonprofits and charitable organizations to streamline donations directly. All fundraisers created on the site go through a screening process to validate the nonprofit’s legitimacy, ensuring users aren’t donating to an empty cause. With a few simple steps of linking a credit card to an account, a two-click process allows users to directly donate to charities.

Early on, Facebook implemented a 5.75 percent processing fee for using the platform to fundraise. This fee was then used toward “credit card processing, payment support, and fraud protection.” Facebook has since removed that processing fee and only applies it to donations made before the end of November 2017.

Facebook Fundraising Tools allow many to become involved in charitable service and provide various audiences of different ages a platform to express their support of a cause. A common practice for many young Facebook users is to create fundraisers and raise money for birthdays, replacing the need for traditional presents.

In light of Facebook’s poor PR in the past few months, the social media giant shows its enormous potential in ways like this. Allowing users to help others around the world proves the company can still innovate in light of its own darkness.

Saketh is a junior in LAS.

[email protected]