Editorial | Getting through the employment struggle

For about four years, students at the University work tirelessly to pass their classes with the hope to make it all the way to graduation. In these eight short semesters, students are often so focused on succeeding inside the classroom that they rarely make time to prepare for what comes next. Job and internship hunting season isn’t really a season — it’s more like a year-long grind, with a majority of internships and jobs being secured early in the fall semester.

But this isn’t true for everyone, which is why it’s so important that both job holders and seekers be aware of different possible paths to success.

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The time to apply for internships and jobs varies from major to major. Business students tend to have back-to-back interviews before Thanksgiving, while biology majors may be looking for research positions right before classes end. It’s a different process for every student, so comparing yourselves to your peers probably isn’t the best idea; everyone has different experiences leading up to their success.

This becomes especially important when considering students who have secured internships from the summer of their freshman year that led to subsequent internships and eventual job offers. Although these students dedicated a lot of their time to secure these positions, understand that landing an internship your freshman year is not a necessity. Take a step back and recognize entry-level positions likely won’t be the be-all end-all to your career.

Unlike submitting college applications, job and internship hunting is less of a streamlined process. This means although your friend may have gotten a highly coveted internship through a resume submission and lengthy interview process, you may have more luck navigating the University’s alumni network on LinkedIn to land a referral.

The Daily Illini Editorial Board wants students to be considerate on both ends of the spectrum — whether you have a career opportunity or whether someone you care about has one. If you already have an internship or a job, remain humble and remember not everyone around you received the same opportunities. Likewise, if you haven’t already received an internship or a job, you should still be happy for your friends who have received such opportunities.

The pressure of securing a job or internship certainly exists for those who are still applying or for those who have yet to start. But it’s only fall semester. While some of our friends may be heading to Google or Microsoft next summer, we must remember to be persistent with our own success. We have about six months until classes end — there’s plenty of time to find it.